Website Updating

I figured I’d better take some time to post a quick explanation for why the website is going to be looking different over the next bit. I last update things back in . . . 2013? Around ten years ago, give or take. And when I came back to the blog after my hiatus, I took some time to actually look around the website.

Only to discover (of course) just how woefully out of date it is. How out of date? I don’t even mention Perfect Place to Die or Don’t Go to Sleep anywhere. Nothing about where to buy them. Reviews. Synopses. Nada.

Talk about an author fail.

So I’ve been taking some time to poke around on other author websites, mainly to remind myself what I ought to have on here. I do a good job with the blogging, but the main goal of the blog (way back when) was to establish myself as an author with some sort of a web presence. At some point, the blog eclipsed the site. I’d like to correct that somewhat.

I’m not shooting for the world’s best author site. I just want something adequate. Something that says who I am and what I write, and points people in the direction of my books. I’d like to set up a way for people to buy signed books directly from me, as well.

I’ve already switched the basic look of the site. I debated doing it all at once, but that was just going to be too much for me. Instead, I’m going to work at it over time. I’ll announce when it’s done. In the meantime, you’ll just notice it might look a bit different each time you come over here to read a post. Sorry for the dust.

Hopefully it doesn’t take me too long.


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