Weekly Weight Check In

Hard to believe it’s Friday again already. This week was pretty static in terms of the whole weight loss goal. Not that I wasn’t following my plan. I did that almost perfectly. The one exception I made was yesterday. For Denisa’s birthday I had a small slice of pie instead of my evening shake. I think that one “cheat” was actually less calories than I usually eat, though. (It’s a big shake.) Other than that, I didn’t eat anything different the whole week. (Same meals every day.)

Honestly. it’s hardest when Denisa makes dinner and I’m here to be around it. As long as it stays on the level of “I’m hungry, so I’m going to eat, and what I eat doesn’t really matter,” then I’m fine. It’s when I smell chili or spring rolls or pizza that I remember what a normal diet tastes like. That makes it trickier. But with a plan to follow, I’m pretty good to go.

What makes it worse is when the effects of that plan aren’t immediately apparent. I was 185.6 last Friday. I dropped to 184,.4 on Saturday, then stayed that weight on Sunday. Monday I went up to 184.8, Tuesday I was still there, Wednesday I was down to 184.6, and then Thursday I was back to 184.4. So up until then it felt like I’d had one successful day of dieting and then a whole lot of nothing for the week. It can be easy to feel discouraged when you’ve stuck to the plan and aren’t seeing any significant movement. But I know from experience that’s how this goes with calorie control. You have to forget the day to day battle and focus on the weekly weigh-ins. You’ll usually see changes week to week.

Sure enough, this morning I was down to 183.6, meaning I’m down 2 pounds since last Friday. That’s honestly a little faster than I expect it to go, so I’m reminding myself this week I likely won’t see as much weight loss. Still, I’ve made it through Denisa’s birthday (family celebrations are hard). The next thing to get through is Easter. That might be a stretch . . .


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