What are the Current Fashion Rules of High School?

Life used to be easier for me. When I was in school, there were some simple rules to follow to make sure you weren’t labeled a dweeb. First off? Make sure you never buttoned your top button on your shirt. Ever. Unless you were wearing a tie, in which case you kind of had to. But other than that? No top button. And don’t pop your collar unless you wanted people to make fun of you and say you looked like a Ken doll.

No top button. No popped collar.

When it came to baseball hats, you had a bit of leeway. You could wear them the normal way or backwards, if you wanted to show how laid back you were. If you were borderline insane, you could try to wear them sideways, but come on. Who were you really kidding? But there was one rule that reigned supreme: only complete losers didn’t curve their brims. Yes, you’d buy a hat and it would have a straight brim sometimes, so it was up to you to break that hat in, molding the curve just right.

But always a curved brim.

These days, I realize I no longer know which way is up and down when it comes to fashion. I see people with straight brims. Brims that would have gotten you laughed out of the building when I was in high school. And yet there they are, clearly cool and en vogue. When did that happen? And I see people buttoning their top button. On purpose. I’ve even seen people popping their collar. And yet they’re not treated like a human piñata when they go to school. When did that get the green light?

Not that I’m complaining. I mean, the less there are fashion rules, the better, as far as I’m concerned. I don’t really care what I wear, so long as I’m comfortable. But I still remember how important image was when I was in high school, even to me, who didn’t really care all that much about it. And so I’m all for keeping my kids as ridicule-free as possible in their classes. Realizing that the rules I once knew are out of date, could someone please clarify what the new rules are? Or are there no rules? Have we reached a higher plane of existence now, and kids just don’t care what you wear?

Inquiring minds want to know.

(But good luck ever getting me to button the top button of my shirt, or wear a flat brimmed hat. Because there are some people from the cool crowd of my high school lurking somewhere still. Just waiting to jump out and laugh at me as soon as I break one of those rules. I’m sure of it.


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