What Do Snooky and Flint Have to Do with Tuba and Xylophones?

Catchy title to the post, eh? Now you’re really interested, aren’t you. I’ll get to that in a moment or two–leave you in suspense for a bit.

First off, sorry for not posting yesterday. It was a wicked busy day, what with house repair, mason work, library work, more house repair, and a missionary meeting. By the time I remembered, it was already too late. So sorry. It’ll happen again. 🙂

Busy today as well, actually. So I don’t have too much time, but in the time that I do have, I wanted to give a shout out to two of my high school friends who have collaborated on a song. A very cool song that’s been stuck in my head now since last night. I’d heard it a week or so ago and enjoyed it, but then I heard it again last night, and it will. not. go. away.

Flint’s on the vocals, and Snooky wrote it (I believe) and played the tuba, the xylophone and various other instruments you hear. Not at the same time (I believe)–although with Snooky, you never can tell.

Check out their meisterwerk here. Pretty cool, eh?

Happy Friday, all!

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