Who’s Your Favorite Author?

I’m not a fan of favorites. It always seems to take too long to decide on just one, and when I do, I feel like there are so many other wonderful things out there that I’m subtly insulting by having One Choice to Rule Them All. However, as I grow older, I’m also discovering that it doesn’t need to be that hard.

“Favorite Movie” is simple and obvious. I watch Groundhog Day once a year and have developed an entire tradition around the film. How could I have any other movie as my favorite? “Favorite Television Show” has also evolved over the years up to now, and it’s clearly The Wire.

“Favorite Song” is much more difficult, and I don’t have anything approaching that. Not even “Favorite Genre” when it comes to music. I have *least* favorite (Country), but that’s not the same thing.

“Favorite Author” always felt like a really tricky area for me. As a writer and librarian, there are just so many to choose from. But today I realized as I was reading that I definitely have a favorite author, and it’s clearly CS Lewis.

One of my favorite series growing up was The Chronicles of Narnia. I read them over and over, and I loved them all. I reread them recently with DC, and I still just adore them. So much fun, and so well done, in such small packages. But if that were all Lewis had to offer, it wouldn’t have been enough to catapult him to the Favorite slot.

But he’s written so much more than that. The Great DivorceTill We Have FacesSurprised by JoyThe Screwtape Letters, and more. He’s an author that appeals to me both for his writing and his thoughts. I can reread what he’s written time and time again. He entertains me, and he makes me think, and he has such a talent for making abstract thoughts understandable and relatable. I find myself quoting him often, both in writing and casual conversation.

So in the end, how could my favorite author be anyone else?

How about you? Who’s your favorite author (if you have one), and why?


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