Why I Generally Don’t Blog about Trump Anymore

Sure, I’ll post about him now and then when something really rubs me wrong, but regular readers have no doubt noticed I don’t post about the Orange in Chief nearly as much as I used to. Why is that? Simple. Back when the election was on, I felt like my posts might actually do some good. Like they might persuade a few people not to vote for the man.

These days, I don’t really believe much can be done to change people’s minds. It seems to me like Trump supporters primarily get their news from conservative slanted sources, discounting most other stories as “Main Stream Media” and thus smear jobs or outright fabrications.

We’re at a point where people are believing what they choose to believe. Where they feel justified in ignoring reporting if it goes against their preconceived notions. Yesterday’s Comey hearing is a prime example of that. Those on the left walked away convinced he’d put another nail in the current administration. Those on the right feel vindicated that he admitted Trump wasn’t under investigation, and that several of those main stream media reports really were wrong.

Of course, one could ask whether I’m doing the same thing. Whether by discounting conservative slanted material makes me unfairly biased against Trump. However, I do my best to read far and wide. To consider all angles of an issue to try and get a complete picture. I do still read some conservative posts around the president. But I continue to feel like there’s a very easy way to see what Trump is actually up to. What he thinks. What he wants to do. And that’s to read his Tweets. He provides more than enough fodder for someone to make a judgement on the man, and that judgement (for me) goes in the face of most of those conservative stories.

I’ve had people tell me to ignore what he says and pay more attention to the policies his administration is pushing. I find that shortsighted and dangerous. If Trump really had his way, I believe he would enact every single asinine idea he’s spewed since he started campaigning. I believe he believes he’s 100% right. The only thing holding him back is the fact that he has to work through the government, and thankfully, there are some people who have convinced him in some areas to slow down or change course.

But in the end, I really don’t feel like anything I write is going to change minds. If someone’s still a Trump supporter at this point, they’re hard core. I have no idea what will change their minds. Certainly not me blogging about current events. And if they’re already against Trump, I’m just preaching to the choir.

I don’t write articles about how the sky is blue or the grass is green.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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