YouTube is More than Cat Clips

Confession time. Growing up, I had a favorite record album. I would listen to the thing all the time. What was my selection of choice for Best Album Ever?

The Chipmunks Go Hollywood.

(Hey. I didn’t say I had excellent taste back then or anything.) In the years since, I haven’t been able to hear the album again. Every now and then I’d search for it on iTunes to see if I could listen again for old times’ sake, but you can’t buy it. (Seriously, iTunes? Take my money already!) Then yesterday it hit me: I was searching in the wrong place.

YouTube is actually a much better source for strange stuff like this. One search later, and voila!

Chipmunks Chariots of Fire, baby!

Or if you’re feeling more like a rocker, how about Rocky?

(That last one goes to the whole playlist. You’re welcome.)

Another favorite album from back then? Bugsy Malone. (I’m giving you people far too big of a look into my young mind’s formative years . . . Though seriously. Paul Williams. I still love his writing. He did the original Muppet Movie! Genius.) Again, it’s not available to purchase on iTunes, but you can get to it on YouTube easy as pie:

(I was CRUSHED when I discovered later on that all the songs were lip synched. Crushed!)

Anyway. This is just to say that a lot of successful searches means knowing not just what to search for, but where to search. You’d think a trained professional would think to try Google for the search, but my mind just wanted to go straight to iTunes. And besides, there are plenty of subjects that Google will swing and miss on, but if you know other sources, you can still be successful.

And on that note, I have to leave you all. I’m at a library meeting today again, so time is short. Have a great weekend!

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