2020 Election: Rigged or Not?

So here we are. As someone who has been vocally against Trump since the Republican primaries in 2016, I’m naturally more than a little pleased that he lost the election. That shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. I’m also not shocked that he’s not conceding. That’s never really been in his nature, and I think it’s fairly likely that he will go to his grave insisting the 2020 elections were rigged, and that the Democrats cheated to get him out.

The real question for me is what Trump’s supporters will do about it.

Again, for many of them, I think they’re going to continue to believe the election was rigged, regardless of what happens. And let me be clear: I have no interest in having Biden win due to shenanigans. I believe in a fair and free election. I also believe that’s what we had in 2020, but I am open to any actual evidence that comes to light indicating this wasn’t the case. Note, however, that I’m looking for actual evidence. Not conspiracy memes. Not claims. Not hearsay. For Trump really to have lost due to a rigged election, what would have had to happen?

  • In Arizona, there’s a 20,000 vote difference at the moment.
  • In Nevada, it’s 35,000 votes.
  • Georgia has about 10,000 more votes for Biden.
  • Pennsylvania has around 45,000.
  • In Michigan, 145,000.
  • In Wisconsin, 20,000 votes separate them.

So let’s assume for the moment that the Democrats really did decide to rig the election, and that they conspired to turn multiple states against Trump using fake ballots or voting in the name of dead people. They’d want to do it in multiple states, mind you, because it’s not as if they’d know ahead of time just how many fake ballots they’d have to submit to overcome the deficit. Then again, I suppose they could have churned out new fake ballots to overcome the deficit after the fact? Do that in key states, and then voila! Biden wins.

I think it’s likelier that they’d rig the election after the fact rather than ahead of time. It would be simpler and more likely to succeed. So let’s say, as Trump is saying, that as the election results came in, the Democrats decided to submit phony ballots in just enough states to make Trump lose. It would have to be in the close states, since they were the ones that were still up in the air for days. The easiest would be Pennsylvania, right?

45,000 votes don’t just magically appear out of nowhere. That’s a substantial chunk of ballots you’ve got to fabricate. And then you have to do it in a way that you won’t get caught. Because all those voters are on record as having voted. You can go back after the fact and check to see if they’re, you know . . . living.

And from what I can see, the Trumpers are out in force, trying to find proof of just that. That’s their right. I’m skeptical they’ll be successful, for a couple of reasons:

  1. If the Democrats did, indeed, “fix” the election, they did a horrendous job of it. They fell short of controlling the senate in a few key races. If they have the wherewithal to influence the presidential vote, why didn’t they fix the senatorial vote while they were at it?
  2. All the claims of voter fraud that have come forward at the moment have been disproven. I have yet to read of a single case of it actually happening this year.
  3. All the claims of shady counting have been disproven as well. The Trumpers have brought the cases to court, and the cases have been uniformly dismissed. The closest they’ve come to a whiff of evidence is that counters in Philadelphia weren’t as close to the actual counting as the Trump team would have liked. Six feet away instead of closer. Why six feet away? I don’t know. Six feet apart. Where have I heard that before? Maybe the counters didn’t want to have to risk their lives more than they had to, just so they could process some ballots.
  4. The root of most of these allegations come from people who have generally played loose with the facts (to say the least) for the last four years. I see no reason to suddenly start giving them the benefit of the doubt.

But fine. They claim fraud. I say prove it. Voter fraud is illegal. If it’s happening, there will be evidence, and they can (and should) take the weasels to court. In the meantime, we’ve got a pandemic that’s raging even more out of control. One that didn’t disappear magically when the election finished. So excuse me for being a bit more concerned about the future of my country than I am about something that so far is nothing but hot air.

We’re getting over a hundred thousand COVID cases a day in America, with a positivity test rate of 8% nationally, with some states over 15%, and some way higher than that, according to Johns Hopkins. South Dakota is at 53%! The fatality rate worldwide for identified COVID cases is around 3%. (Yes, some have pointed out it’s actually lower than this, because we don’t find everyone who has COVID, but that goes both ways. The fact is, 3% of the people who tested positive for COVID and had an official “result” have ended up dead. If those numbers hold for America, then 3,000 of those 100,000 people are going to die in a few weeks. Each day. Yes, there’s positive results coming out about some of the vaccine potentials, but remember, those are months away from being widely available.

We don’t have time to be dilly dallying with more puffed up accusations. If there’s such rampant voter fraud, then drag out the evidence and let’s move on. But remember, Trump claimed millions of people voted illegally in 2016. He created an advisory commission to look into it. They ended up finding nothing.

Democrats have (most likely) lost their shot at controlling the Senate. They performed much worse in many races than they hoped to. And yet all these Democrats are accepting defeat, acknowledging their losses, and moving on. There are no claims about illegal votes in Florida or other places where the results were surprising.


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