A Few Star Wars Rebels Thoughts

Not sure how many of you people out there actually care about Star Wars Rebels, but I do. Not enough to keep up with the show live, I suppose. But certainly enough to be watching it after the fact. And I just finished the second season with DC and TRC yesterday, and so I wanted to go someplace to chat about it.

Why not my blog?

Rebels is a good reminder to me about how big a blunder the prequels really were. Lucas had a slew of fans all set and ready to love those three movies. It was practically T-ball. All he had to do was not completely miss the ball.

And he missed the ball.

It took later efforts to correct those mistakes. Clone Wars went a long way to repairing a lot of the damage, and Rebels has been some really solid television. For those of you who haven’t been watching, it’s an animated series set in the days after Revenge of the Sith but before A New Hope. Darth Vader pops in and out now and then, and Ahsoka Tano (Anakin Skywalker’s Jedi apprentice) appears as well.

No spoilers here, but as soon as you know Darth and Ahsoka both have roles in the series, you know there are some interesting plots that can develop. Between Clone Wars and the films, you never really see people who knew Anakin before and after Darth. To have Ahsoka come face to face with Vader . . . I found it pretty riveting. My kids agreed.

On a side note, DC is becoming a really big Star Wars fan. She wants to watch all the movies, and is really set on figuring out just what exactly happened to Anakin to make him become Darth Vader. She’s got big plans for a Star Wars marathon. Part of me really wants to make that a reality. But part of me also remembers Revenge of the Sith being particularly violent . . .

I wonder if the prequels will play any differently, now that I’ve watched so many animated episodes set with the same characters. Maybe familiarity will make me like the characters more in the live action version? I’m not sure. Ahsoka is a good example, though. She’s a character I didn’t really like at first in Clone Wars, but by the time she resurfaced in Rebels, I was a big fan of her. Interesting how that can develop over time, and a testament to Clone Wars pulling off some good story lines.

Anyway. The whole Rebels series isn’t a home run every time. There are some episodes where major plot points occur, only to have those advances forgotten about in later episodes, but on the whole it’s a fun show to watch, and really interesting to see the Star Wars universe unfold. (When you take into account the extra info that some of the characters from the animated series are now showing up in live action movies like Rogue One, it’s even cooler, in my opinion.)

If you haven’t checked out the series, you should give it a shot.

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