A Superb Super Bowl

I realize the Super Bowl isn’t for everyone. And honestly, I am far from a raging NFL fan. Often, the Super Bowl is the only game I watch each year. (I’m a much bigger college football fan, although even then, I typically just watch BYU games and leave the rest alone–even the national championship and bowl games.) But I do watch the Super Bowl each year, mainly because of all the trappings around it. I enjoy seeing what commercials they come up with, I like critiquing the half time show, and I cross my fingers that the game is actually a good one.

Last night’s was fun from the beginning to the end, despite the fact that I literally didn’t care who won, so long as it was a close game. (That meant that I was largely rooting for Cincinnati the whole time, because underdog.) The game itself was really compelling, with the outcome in question all the way to the end of the fourth quarter. (Well, almost.) There were some great plays, some questionable calls, and more than enough to really keep me watching the whole time.

It helped that the halftime show was really well done. The last one I really remember is Lady Gaga’s performance in 2017, and if I can’t remember the halftime show, then in my book it pretty much failed. The Weeknd? Shakira? Maroon 5? Timberlake? They’re all generally a blur to me. Yes, this could be due to the fact that I’m not as squarely in the age demographic for those artists, but I’m also not a huge rap-o-phile. Yet I recognized most of the songs, and it was full of spectacle.

The ads were also entertaining. It’s interesting to me how many of them end of getting very different reactions from people. For example, I thought the Dolly Parton ad was disappointing. She so often speaks out for important causes, to have her instead participate in a spoof of those causes was a bad match for me. But the floating QR code was right up my alley. Memorable, and it even got me to immediately do something in response to it. (I don’t remember ever watching an ad and then suddenly going to buy some Pringles, for example.) $15 in free money? Sure, I’m game, even if it meant I had to sign up for a service.

Other ads I liked included the Disney+ goats, the Uber Eats “don’t eat diapers and other stuff” ad, the Toyota ad that featured the skiing brothers (though random that it was about Toyota), and the Alexa mindreader ad.

On the other hand, I didn’t care for the Google camera ad (the pictures they showed that were bad were mostly poorly lit, while the improved pictures all had wonderful lighting, so I felt it didn’t really show anything) and the Schwarzenegger Zeud ad (no.) But those were the only ones that really stood out to me as bad (other than the Dolly one).

So all-in-all, I was entertained for the whole time last night. What about you–what did you think?


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