A New Lacrosse Player

As of yesterday, we’ve officially added another sport to the family list. Tomas started things off with cross country, nordic, and track. Daniela followed in his footsteps until now, when she left track behind to jump over to the lacrosse team. Being on a team sport for the first time brings some different territory. For […]

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March Madness 2024 Edition!

It’s that time of year again, folks! March Madness brackets were just announced yesterday, and as usual, I’m running another blog bracket. This year, the prize is a signed Advance Reading Copy of my next book, A Family of Killers. That’s right! You’ll get to read this in print four months early. If that’s not

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March Madness Winner!

This is really late, and I apologize for that, but things have been crazy busy for me for the last . . . ever? So I’m just happy I’m finally getting around to it. March Madness this year was even madder than usual. How mad was it? The winning bracket got there by successfully picking

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March Madness 2023!

Look at this. Two posts in one day! (But this one is very short.) The NCAA brackets are all finalized, and it’s time to make your picks! As always, I’m running a personal group for any and all who’d like to join. And there’s a prize! I will put the winner into my next book.

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Aaron Judge and the Yankees

I don’t blog about it very often, but I am indeed a Yankee fan, despite living deep in Red Sox nation. I’m not a militant fan, of course. I’ll stick up for my team if they come under assault, but I’m not one to go around yelling about how awful the Red Sox are (even

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