March Madness Winner!

This is really late, and I apologize for that, but things have been crazy busy for me for the last . . . ever? So I’m just happy I’m finally getting around to it. March Madness this year was even madder than usual. How mad was it? The winning bracket got there by successfully picking one of the final four teams, and neither of the teams in the final. This made for some very interesting story lines in the games themselves, but from a bracket challenge perspective, it left much to be desired. Very anticlimactic. That said, we still do

March Madness 2023!

Look at this. Two posts in one day! (But this one is very short.) The NCAA brackets are all finalized, and it’s time to make your picks! As always, I’m running a personal group for any and all who’d like to join. And there’s a prize! I will put the winner into my next book. (The book I’m revising now. And let’s just say the odds of you actually seeing yourself in print are pretty darn good, but more on that later, I hope.) You have until Thursday morning to join. I hope you do! Here’s the link. The password

Aaron Judge and the Yankees

I don’t blog about it very often, but I am indeed a Yankee fan, despite living deep in Red Sox nation. I’m not a militant fan, of course. I’ll stick up for my team if they come under assault, but I’m not one to go around yelling about how awful the Red Sox are (even if they’re having an awful season). I also don’t watch all the games religiously, though I catch them when I can, and I enjoy rooting for the team. So I was very relieved and happy to hear Aaron Judge had signed a 10 year contract

How to Fix Instant Replay in College Football

I’m a big fan of college football. I love watching games each year, and I prefer it to the NFL. I like seeing how teams have to constantly change and evolve year after year. It puts an element into the game that really appeals to me. The strategy’s great. There are tons of exciting plays to watch, and it moves along at a fairly good pace. (Up until the last few minutes of each half, of course.) But. While I’m a fan of instant replay, I hate hate hate the way it’s carried out in college football. Some games, it

All Hail Daniela, the Victorious

I’ve been running March Madness tournaments for a good long while. I usually keep three going: one for my blog, one for my extended family, and one for my church group. There’s some overlap between those different groups, as family and church friends participate on the blog bracket, and Denisa and the kids usually participate in all of them. However, I don’t ever recall one person winning all three. There’s usually enough variety that someone might do well in one, but someone else inevitably aces them out with a better bracket. That is, until this year, when Daniela managed to