March Madness 2024 Edition!

It’s that time of year again, folks! March Madness brackets were just announced yesterday, and as usual, I’m running another blog bracket. This year, the prize is a signed Advance Reading Copy of my next book, A Family of Killers. That’s right! You’ll get to read this in print four months early. If that’s not incentive enough, you’ll also be able to brag to all your friends about how you were the best at something that really ends up not being skill-based at all.

Note that I’ll be sending the ARC out to whomever wins, or whomever comes in second place if I end up being the winner. I’ll just need to know your address then, and I’ll send the copy off in the mail right away.

To enter, just head on over to the ESPN group I’ve made for Bryce’s Ramblings. You’ll need the password to enter: vodnik

I hope to see you there, and may the most lucky person win!

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