A Tribute to Denisa

Well, the time has come. March Madness is over, and it’s time to take stock of how my blog bracket did this year. I’m pleased to say that I had the best participation ever: 8 people filled out brackets, including myself. What were the final standings?

7th–Kevin (Not your year this go ’round. My condolences.)
6th–My brother, Joel
5th–Whitley, a friend from the mission
4th–Steve, a cousin
3rd–Ted, another cousin

And in first place, none other than . . . my wife. That’s right, folks–we ended up the big 1-2 in all brackets we both participated in. It helped that we both went with Duke.

As promised at the beginning of all of this, I owe Denisa one free copy of Cavern of Babel. I think we’ve got one kicking around the house somewhere. ๐Ÿ™‚ In addition to that, I owe her a tribute on my blog. I believe the exact words were “me devoting an entire blog entry to saying just how great of a person you are.” Of course, faithful readers will note I’ve taken many opportunities to say just how great Denisa is, and one might wonder if I had anything left to say. Of course I do. I hereby present you with:


1. She is a far more kind and caring person than I am. It’s true.

2. Without her, I would probably be a morbidly obese video game playing slob living in a trailer park somewhere, addicted to government cheese. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s due to her that I actually eat anything resembling fruit or vegetables, and that I don’t eat as much salt as I’d like to.

3. She’s much better looking than me, and I’m not afraid to admit it. If I had to choose between kissing me and kissing her, I’d take her every time. ๐Ÿ™‚

4. She speaks 6 languages.

5. She makes a mean loaf of bread.

6. She wastes far less time than I do. Movies? Television? She’s rarely seen watching either without having something Constructive to do in her hands.

7. She plays board games with me, even when she doesn’t want to. I, on the other hand, have been dancing with her about five times, skiing about the same, and ice skating only once. (Twice?)

8. She handles airplane rides much much MUCH better than I do. Of course, so does pretty much anyone on the face of the earth. BA Baracus handles flying better than I do. A rabid cocker spaniel would handle air travel better. But Denisa doesn’t just handle it–she takes care of the kids, too.

9. She is much more observant of Important Dates. Got a birthday or a Significant Event in your life? Chances are, I forgot it. If I didn’t, don’t thank me–thank her for reminding me.

10. Last but not least, she’s clearly better at picking teams who will win March Madness. And I’m not afraid to admit that.

In any case, well played, Denisa. Way to win one for the family. Till next year, folks!

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