Adventures in Chuck E. Cheese

I’ve seen the ads. And I’ve done my best to convince my son that the place is a waste of money, but my efforts were all in vain. Today we went to Chuck E. Cheese’s, and I have to say that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, it was much better. TRC had a total blast, as did DC. They got to play all the video games, eat pizza and drink soda. What could be better? If we had one within a reasonable distance from our place in Maine, I might even go again sometime. So there’s an endorsement for you: Chuck E. Cheese’s: not a complete waste of money.

Of course, we also went to the Philadelphia Zoo, and that was a total blast as well. (Bigger even than Chuck E. Cheese) The kids had a great time, and I even posted pictures over on my Facebook account. If you don’t have Facebook, well then . . . maybe you ought to finally sign up so that you can see the pics. 🙂 I’m too lazy right now to post them again here on my blog. I got my hands on an old iPhone, and I’ve been loving every second of it. The ability to take a picture, then post it to Facebook immediately . . . that’s pretty darn cool.

Anyway–just thought I’d drop in on you all to say the vacation was going great. Toodleoo!

2 thoughts on “Adventures in Chuck E. Cheese”

  1. you fancy
    My kids LOVE Chuck-E, and Drew isn’t too hateful of it. I HATE IT.
    And seriously, an iphone. This is me being super jealous.

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