Adventures in Not at Girl’s Camp

So Denisa’s away at Girl’s Camp yesterday through Thursday. (Girl’s Camp in this case means a yearly church camping trip for girls aged 12-18. I think. I’m kind of hazy on the exact details. Somebody says “Girls Camp” and I hear “Doesn’t Concern You at All Camp.” Denisa’s one of the people in charge this year. I try to be supportive however I can (printing up handouts for it, taking time off work so I can watch the kids for her, etc.), but I don’t think I have a real handle on what actually happens there. I know there’s some hiking and camping involved. This year, there’s supposed to be a lot of raining, too. I imagine there’s eating, and some sleeping. Probably some spiritual stuff. I’m great at specifics, aren’t I?)

What am I doing in the four days? I’ll be teaching two grad classes that I’ve had scheduled for quite some time (friends are watching the kids those days), but other than that, I’m hanging out at home, working on writing, playing with the kids, and cleaning the house some. Movies will be watched. Books will be read.

But it’s always more fun when Denisa’s here. Even the kids are figuring that out. (Although they do look forward to drinking Kool-Aid, since that’s something Denisa doesn’t typically tolerate. 🙂 They’ve also been wondering if I can take them to the grocery store, or–as it’s known when I go with them–the junk food store. We’ll see.)

Anyway–that’s all I’ve got for you right now. Some big things in the pipeline, though. Just no news to share with any of you yet. Hope your day was lovely. See you all tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Adventures in Not at Girl’s Camp”

  1. Lucky Denisa! I work with the YW at church, but in our stake here none of the local leaders get to go–the stake provides all the leadership. I always thought it would be fun to go back and see how well my husband survived the week at home. 🙂

    (just a heads up, she will probably want to sleep for a year when she gets home…and eat something that was not cooked over a fire by a bunch of 12-year-olds.)

  2. Well, Denisa was the first counselor in the stake YW presidency. And now she’s the president. 🙂 Looks like lots more YW stuff in our future.

    Yes, she wanted to sleep plenty when she came home.

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