And They’re Off!

Denisa and the kids headed off to Slovakia yesterday. (Actually a day late. Lufthansa emailed us Saturday to let us know they canceled both her flights Sunday, and rebooked her on Delta and KLM for Monday. The good news is that they upgraded her long flight to Delta+, which meant more legroom for the gang, and she got into Prague an hour earlier, which meant she had an easier connection to the train.) I’ve heard from them already, and they all arrived safe and sound.

This means I’m at home alone for the next while. One of the first orders of business was making a trip to the store to get the necessities. All I bought was high end root beer, marshmallow matey’s, three packs of Annie’s mac and cheese, and two things of Ben & Jerry’s. That ought to hold me over for a few days at least. (Denisa did leave instructions about this thing called a “cauliflower” in the fridge, and how someone’s supposed to eat it. Ferris might help me with that. He’s a sucker for cauliflower.)

Speaking of Ferris, he is Not Happy. Apparently I’m fun in small amounts, but not nearly as much fun as people 18 and younger, or people who feed him vegetables. (Hence the cauliflower bribe consideration.) So far he’s basically just sat around the house looking as sad and lonely as possible. He takes breaks now and then to go stare longingly out the window. I’ve tried to tell him they’re not coming back any time soon, but apparently he thinks I’m an inveterate liar.

What all am I going to get done while they’re gone? We’ll see. I already have a fair bit that I do as a baseline each week, but I remember from the last time I was alone for a while that I usually end up feeling like I have a lot more time on my hands. (It’s also a big plus that anything I tidy up actually stays tidy until I personally mess it up again.) I have some projects in mind, but we’ll see if I get around to them. Really, if I can just get the house in a bit better order, I’ll feel like I’ve accomplished something.

I’ve also had some friends invite me over for a couple of the days, so I won’t be entirely alone. Between that and running back and forth to the house to make sure Ferris hasn’t exploded (or exploded the house), I’m sure I’ll be plenty occupied.

Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s some Ben & Jerry’s calling my name . . .


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