Announcing the Winners of My Blog Tournament Challenge

And here we are, another March Madness in the record books. We had some great participation this year in my tournament challenge. It was a lot of fun to watch the leaderboards keep switching around. In the end, I have to brag a bit, because me and my kids definitely cleaned up, sweeping the competition to take the top three spots. It all came down to the Kentucky/Wisconsin game. Whoever won that, would win the challenge.

I’ll admit that I was pretty sure Kentucky would win. How sure? Sure enough that I already wrote a scene with DC’s fight to the death. (Her weapon of choice? A magical paint brush.) And then wouldn’t you know it, Wisconsin pulled out a W, which means . . .

TRC is the ultimate victor of the tournament. Which also means that he gets to die a violent death in my book too. That’s the kind of dad I am, folks. I’ll be interested to see what weapon he chooses.

But wait! I promised there would be another prize awarded to a random participant. I’m officially ruling out anyone immediately related to me (meaning Denisa and MC are out of the running), but everyone else who played had an equal shot at this. I assigned numbers to each person and then used a random number generator to find out who the winner is.

Without further ado, many congratulations to . . . JamesMJS! I’ll be in touch via email. Always a pleasure to kill a key player in the Maine library scene. Very curious which weapon you’ll choose . . .

Thanks for playing, all. Tune in next year to see what crazy prize I come up with next.

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