Are You Still Going to Movies in the Theater?

Growing up, I was always heading to the movie theater. I loved the whole experience. The big screen. The crowds. The snacks. It was a real event for me. And I’ve always thought of myself as a movie-going person.

Except today it occurred to me to consider how long it’s been since I saw a movie in the theater. I think the last one I went to was Avengers: End Game. Before that? Maybe another Marvel movie? Or a Star Wars movie? The fact is, the only reason I actually go to movies these days seems to be if I’m worried I’m going to read something about the movie online before I can get around to watching it.

Why is that?

Some of it is no doubt due to the fact that my home theater setup is so strong. Why pay to watch a movie when I could just see it at home and have mostly the same experience? Often a better experience, even. I don’t have to worry about having to go to the bathroom and missing some of the film. I don’t have to worry about any idiots being loud behind me. I don’t have to fuss with getting seats, or getting there early, or buying tickets. The only thing I miss out on is the shared experience of watching something with a bunch of other people.

Though don’t get me wrong. I definitely think there’s something to be said for that. Seeing a movie in the theater is like watching a football game live in a stadium, or at least it can be. Sure, there’s the risk of things going wrong, but when it goes right, it’s a ton of fun.

At last year’s Oscar’s, I realized I hadn’t seen hardly any of the films, and I wanted to change that this year. But here I am, already in November, and I’ve gone to the theater twice. Maybe.

Part of the reason is also no doubt due to how busy Denisa and I are right now, but I generally don’t look at busy-ness as a real reason. It’s an excuse for why you don’t do things that aren’t as important to you. Ideally, going to movies would be a great weekly date night activity that Denisa and I could get in the habit of doing. I think I would enjoy that, though that also brings up the question: if we stay at home and watch a movie together, is that significantly not as good from a relationship-building experience as it would be if we were to go out to a movie?

I’m a bit more undecided about that last one. On the one hand, we’re spending time together one way or the other. On the other . . . I think there’s something to be said for the ritual around going out. Making sure you look presentable. Being away from any potential distractions. Carving out time to make sure you can both really be there. It’s not a question of funds at this point; it’s just a question of scheduling.

What do you all think about movies and date nights in general? If you’re able to watch a movie with your significant other at home, alone, is that an equal substitute? Why or why not? I’m genuinely curious to see what you all have to say.

And the more I think about it, the more I think Denisa and I need to start scheduling actual date nights . . .


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