At the County Fair

It’s the middle of September, and that means it’s time for the fair to roll into town. Hard to believe, but this is already the sixth Farmington Fair we’ve been to. Craziness incarnate.

As has become tradition in the Bryce household, Denisa and the kids entered submissions in a variety of contests. This year, the spoils were as follows:

  • DC won second place twice (once with a painting of a cat, and once with a painting of flowers).
  • TRC won first place for a recycled article–he’d made a basket out of phone book pages when Denisa’s mom was in town earlier this year.
  • Denisa won first place for yellow string beans, second place for peppers, third place for garlic, second place for basil, and first place for canned fruit. (Or was that second? I don’t know–I didn’t take notes.)
TRC and DC had a blast yesterday going on all the fair rides. What was really surprising was how adventurous DC has become. She went on every single ride TRC went on. Even though she’s only four, she’s over 48 inches tall, which meant she could go on everything unaccompanied. The Scrambler, Tilt-a-Whirl, Thunder Bolt–you name it, she was game. We ended up staying until 9:20, with the kids just going on ride after ride after ride. It was a ton of fun to watch their expressions–particularly on the Scrambler which the guy let run for probably twice as long as usual. The kids were well and truly scrambled by the time they got off.
And the demolition derby was a riot, as always. Very good competition this year, with one car actually driving up over other cars on three separate occasions. (Should I be scared that I’m becoming sort of a demolition derby connoisseur?)
Another big part of the fair is–as always–eating. And so we had dough boys, shave ice, stew, donuts, fudge, fries, hot dogs, maple syrup samples, maple cotton candy–food was consumed by all.
I unfortunately had a splitting headache at the beginning, but it was gone by 8 or so, which is one reason we let the kids stay so lage. I was finally enjoying myself. The iPad was out of batteries, though, so I don’t have pics to share with you at the moment. Hopefully on FB later.
In any case, another successful fair is in the books. The kids are already planning for next year . . . 

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