Back in Time

So this morning I woke up with a rather strange concept in my head–one which I’ve had quite a few times throughout my life. Have you ever had the desire to be able to go back in time and meet a best friend for the first time, knowing that that person would become a close friend? The person in specific in this case is my wife, DKC. I remember the first time I saw her–it was in a German phonetics class at BYU, of all places. Teacher: Randall Jones. I remember where I was sitting (over by the wall, in the second row. I remember who I was sitting next to (Mareena Smith), and I remember looking up and seeing her walk in the door. Of course, seeing her then wasn’t anything particularly noteworthy. I remember thinking that she was cute, but I thought that about a lot of girls. I remember finding it interesting that Professor Jones had such a hard time pronouncing her first name (he never did get it down), and I recall her saying she was from some foreign place that wasn’t Germany. That’s about all I remember of that day.

I’d like to go back and be able to see her again for the first time. This is probably nothing noteworthy–I’m sure it’s a concept that has been done a lot over time. (I remember quite a few movie promos for rereleases along the lines of “see it again for the first time.”) For all I know, I’m just prattling on about something everyone else thinks about all the time. But I haven’t really had any conversations about it with anyone, so why not write a blog post? (Of course, one area where I’ve thought some on the topic that might actually be fairly unique is along the lines of Mormon theology. Mormons believe we all lived together before we were born (and then forget about that time of our life once we’re born), and I’ve wondered sometimes if I’ve ever met any former best friends, not knowing that they were former best friends. So there–if my first concept wasn’t wacky enough for you, that second one ought to do it.)


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  1. Whoa, Bryce, are you waxing romantic? That was a really sweet post! How wonderful that you remember the first time you ever saw her. Will says we said hi to each other well before we were more formally introduced (which I, alas, do not remember). The day we WERE introduced (which was within a week of our beginning to date), I do remember thinking while we were talking, “What if I end up marrying this guy? Wouldn’t that be crazy?” So I guess I haven’t thought the way you’re thinking, since I actually DID wonder about Will that way the first time we (really) met. And it IS crazy. In the best of ways. ๐Ÿ™‚ Look, now you’re getting ME to sound all mushy, too!

  2. I’ve thought of that too
    Yeah, I agree — although I the people that are most impotant that I’ve “met” in my life I haven’t really thought much of them until later on when I got to know them. Sometimes the people I’ most “wow”‘d by I end-up forgetting a few days later.

  3. Re: I’ve thought of that too
    Interesting observation–which is exactly why it would be so neat to meet those seemingly-uninteresting people again for the first time.

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