Bad Me

I’ve been getting really bad at keeping this blog up to date, and I apologize for that. It’s not like nothing’s been going on here in Maine–I just have gotten busy on several projects and posting has fallen in the cracks. What have I been doing, you ask? Well, there was the Halloween festivities (my son was Bob the Builder at one party and a Kitty at another) and there was me getting sick again–something’s been going around the library, and it’s stopped by me twice now. Yuck. In addition to that there’s been wood stacking and further experience with the wood stove, as well as map making at work and website design. To top everything off, I’ve continued with the Ichabod rewrite, and I’m happy to say that it’s going very well. The rewrite has been pretty much painless except for the first act, which has been a very nice change from Lesana. Of course, the first act is the only one that writing group read through back in the day, so I suppose there’s a chance that the other acts are going well just because I wrote them how I like them and no one’s told me otherwise yet. That’ll be where the final round of readings come in. Right now, it’s looking like I’ll be done with the rewrite sometime around Thanksgiving–either a little before or a little after. Depending on how many volunteers I get for readers, I think I’d like to have this book submission-worthy by the end of the year. A very reachable goal, I’d say. We’ll see how that plays out, though. The climax of the book needs an overhaul–that much I’m certain of . . .

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