So there’s this thing that’s all the rage at TRC’s school: Bakugan. You heard of it? I hadn’t, until he started coming home every day raving about how cool they were. Basically, they’re small little spheres that have a magnetic latch inside them. When they roll over metal, the latch activates, and they spring open, becoming tiny little creatures. I can see why he likes them. It reminds me of my obsession with Transformers back in the day. Better yet, these are actually a game of some sort. They come with metal cards, and you can have your Bakugan fight other kids’ Bakugan. I basically view it as a gateway drug of sorts–if I can get TRC into gaming already, then I’ll be that much closer to having a permanent live-in board game opponent for the next 13 years or so. Which is why I had children to begin with. Isn’t that why everyone has children? Maybe he’ll go from this to Magic the Gathering.

We went to Walmart and got him his first set. He bought them, actually. A starter pack for $8 that came with 6 cards and 3 Bakugan. He’s happy as a clam. If anyone wants to feed his growing Bakugan addiction, I’m sure he’d welcome any and all donations. 🙂

Anyone else out there have kids transfixed by these things?

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  1. banned
    They are banned at our house, just like Pokemon. They have a few of the books but after that they have to spend their own $$ to get it.
    Shockingly, they never have enough…
    what a shame

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