Pink Eye, DKC Update and a Nostalgia Fail Movie Review

First things first. TRC has pink eye. This was confirmed by a physician yesterday after I came home from work. No fears–he’s got his medicine now, and he should be better soon. (Taking the medicine, on the other hand . . . that was a different story. The kid was absolutely terrified of drops AND the paste stuff. He didn’t want anything going anywhere near his eye. It took a half hour of effort–and DKC and I playing Good Cop/Bad Cop (I was the good cop, BTW) for him to relent. At which point he realized it really wasn’t that bad, and he’s been fine with it since.) He stayed home yesterday and today, but he should be good to go tomorrow, assuming he’s feeling better.

Next, I forgot to mention in my post yesterday that DKC also got a new calling. She had been Relief Society secretary. Now she’s 1st Counselor to the Young Women’s President. She’s excited about the change, but I’ll let her do the talking–contact her via Facebook if you want to get in touch. She checks that fairly regularly.

And finally, DKC and I watched Clash of the Titans last night. It’s a movie I remember very fondly from my childhood. I mean, I thought it was one of the. coolest. movies. ever. It had a metal owl in it. How could a movie get any more awesome? Alas, the film has not weathered the intervening time well for me. Yes, it still had the metal owl, and there were bits and pieces I enjoyed more for the nostalgia than for anything else. Overall, the pacing was slow, the acting was off, the story didn’t really make sense . . . It was a disappointment, to say the least. Two stars, and that’s being a tad generous, for old time’s sake. They’re remaking the film–it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.

And in other news, I’ve had my Netflix account on hold for a month or so, and it’s beginning to get to me. I was really spoiled when it was active–I could watch whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Last night, being forced to choose from the DVDs I had at home . . . it just wasn’t the same. Netflix–I might be coming back sooner than I had thought.

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