Bass Guitar Is Easy

Honestly. I mean, it’s not like I’m going to be rockin’ out on stage anytime soon, but it’s by far the easiest instrument I’ve ever picked up to play. Of course, some of that probably comes from the fact that I’ve played guitar for something like six years off and on–that helps. But last night I got the bass set up (after getting it home. Those bass guitar boxes don’t fit in Honda Civics, by the way. I had to go get some rope to be able to transport it safely). After the amp was on, the guitar hooked in and my iPod connected, I started going through some different songs and fumbling through the bass line. The very fact that I was able to do so fairly quickly–and get even remotely close to what I wanted it to sound like–was amazing to me. I played for like two or three hours and had a blast. One of the best presents I’ve ever gotten for my birthday. Thanks, whoever out there is contributing! 🙂

And lest my blog get taken over my bass guitar fixations, I finished revising the first chapter of ParkerBoy this morning. The chapter is much improved–even I can tell a huge difference, just as I read it over. I’m very excited to see how this books turns out. Thanks for all your comments, faithful readers!

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