Because People Seem to Care

I keep getting asked how World of Warcraft is treating me. Turns out people actually read my blog or check it out through Facebook–who knew? 🙂 And since the question keeps popping up, I thought I’d let you all breathe a little easier by telling you all at once. Azeroth is fine. I have yet to play more than an hour at a stretch, and I find it very relaxing. There’s something to be said for the stress relief one gets when one is vicariously slaughtering Murlocs. I don’t like fish. Murlocs are pretty much walking fish. It’s a win/win situation. (Except for the Murlocs.)

But lest you think that WoW is all I’ve been doing, allow me to say that TRC and I have been playing baseball, and the prognosis looks pretty good for him. I played little league all of one year, as I recall. I was stuck out in right field, and I did very little. Me and coordination don’t get along too well. TRC, on the other hand, loves doing anything outside. We picked up a baseball set at Marden’s for $11, and he’s having a great time batting, throwing, catching–and especially running. I’m impressed that he can actually hit the ball and catch the ball, but then again, maybe I’m just comparing his skill level with where I was at his age.

And finally, DKC and I have been watched the Dick Van Dyke show, of all things. You know what? I really like it. There’s quite a big disconnect in some of the plot lines (like the one where Dick got all ticked off that his wife was being too controlling, even though by today’s standards she was really just trying to stick up for herself and their son), but the humor’s squeaky clean and it’s a nice way to enjoy 25 minutes of your life. Thanks, Netflix!

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