Berry Picking

Spent the day today picking berries in the garden for canning later on. It’s hot today, and there’s nowhere for me to escape to to cool off. In America, if it gets too bad, I can always take a ride in the car or go to Walmart or something. The land of no AC isn’t always very spiffy.

DKC and I watched Spiderman 3 last night. One star out of four. The movie’s a classic example of lots of things going right, but everything playing wrong together so that it all falls apart. Really, if it weren’t for the SFX and the score, I might have rated this a turkey or a half star. What was wrong? The biggest problem I had with it was that by the end I truly didn’t care about the characters. They weren’t behaving in any way I thought realistic people would–they felt too much like pawns being moved into position in a plot, rather than living people who were making decisions on their own. For example, Sandman is presented at first as a misunderstood con. He never meant to kill anyone. Honest. But as soon as the cops are after him and he turns into the Sandman, he starts killing people left and right without a care in the world. And then at the end we’re supposed to feel bad for him again? Please. And Green Goblin goes from evil to good to evil to good like a yo-yo out of control. And Mary Jane takes Parker back at the end like nothing . . . fuhgeddabouddit. If a story can’t make me care about the characters, then what’s the use of watching?

Anyway–I’m going to go drink something cool before I melt. Have a good one.

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