Better Home and Garden

Big times at the Bryce household. Yesterday I busted out the lawn tractor (swapping places with the snow blower) and mowed my lawn for the first time this year. Worked great, and no flat tires, courtesy of the metal detector I used to get most of them out of my lawn a month ago. While I was out there, I actually helped Denisa with some landscaping–a rare event, indeed. We now have the start of a beautiful hedge growing in our front yard. Eleven bush thingies in all. (Yes, that’s the technical term.) They’re supposed to grow quite fast. It should be too too long before we have some privacy in our front yard. Nice.

In other news, our new futon arrived today, I’m told. It’s being assembled even as we speak, which means we now have a place for guests to sleep when they come to visit. (DC’s now in our former guest bed, of course.) Good thing I had decluttered the office/guest room a while ago, so there was actually space for them to put the thing in. It’s nice to have projects come to a close, and to have hard work and effort pay off as you intended it to.

Speaking of hard work and effort, Ichabod is going out to another agent today–I sent a query yesterday, and less than an hour later, he responded with a partial request. It’s nothing ground breaking, but every bit of good news is good news. This agent has a 7% rate of asking for partials based on queries received, so . . . hooray? We’ll see what happens.

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