Better (Somewhat)

Yes, I’m feeling better. Although TRC and DC are under the weather now–I hope they don’t have what I caught. At least DKC remains healthy. She’s out trying to pick blackberries without getting eaten alive by our thriving mosquito population.

What did I do with my weekend? Well, Sunday was taken up with church meetings the whole day, both here at home and then off in Bangor. So I didn’t see much of my family that day. Saturday I was pretty much out of commission still–the Codeine finally kicked in and zonked me out. So the weekend, as far as weekends go, Left Much To Be Desired. I managed to watch some Olympics, as well as finish a book I enjoyed: Watchers, by Dean Koontz. Gotta love books about sentient canines.

Watched two movies, as well. The second one was Bewitched, which gets a two star rating from me, but a dose of disappointment as well. I love films that are aware of themselves as film–post structuralist sort of mish moshes. And this one had the potential to be great. If you don’t know, the film is about people who go to do a remake of the Bewitched TV series, only to accidentally cast a real witch in the role of Samantha. Will Ferrell, Nicole Kidman, Steve Carell (who was fantastic in the small part he had), Michael Caine . . . you see where I’m going with this? See all that potential? And the result was a two star movie. How depressing. The elements were all there, but they just never gelled together for me. The plot came off as rushed and hurried . . . makes me wonder if there isn’t a director’s cut drifting around somewhere that I’d just love. Sigh.

However, I also had the chance to watch Bachelor Mother, which I’m pleased to say I can heartily recommend. Easy three stars, maybe even three and a half. It stars Ginger Rogers and David Niven, and the premise is a misunderstanding where David Niven believes Ginger is the mother of a child left at an orphanage. Hilarity ensues. It’s got some great dialogue (even if some of the acting isn’t up to today’s standards), and the plot naturally unfolds to much humorous effect. Highly recommended–even if you typically refuse to see black and white movies. (And if you do, shame on you!)

Of course, some of this highlights what an effect expectations can have on a viewing (or reading) experience. If I go into something with high hopes and am let down, or if I go in with low expectations and am surprised, that can make all the difference. I still remember the first time I saw A League of Their Own. Hated it. I’d somehow been led to believe it was a slapstick comedy, and it was awful. Of course, then I found out the real genre, went and saw it again, and really enjoyed it. Even if it was about girls playing baseball. 🙂 It’s all about the expectations.

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