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Plantronics Voyager PRO Bluetooth HeadsetI’ve finally got one. Now I can be like all those people I see walking around, looking like wannabe cyborgs. Or–if you don’t see the headset–looking like people having full-blown conversations with themselves in public. I remember the first time I saw someone talking to midair with such earnestness . . . I really thought they were off their rocker.

That said, now that I’ve used mine a bit, I wonder why in the world it took me this long to get one. I’m on the phone a fair bit. I can be a pretty chatty person, and I like to do things while I talk. Up until now, I’ve just had to do things with the phone hunched into my shoulder. Being able to talk without doing that is a huge plus. I even carried wood in yesterday while I was on the phone. Very liberating.

Anyway. This is just a plug for bluetooth headsets. If you’re like me and have been leery of getting one, can I just calm your fears and give you a gentle nudge? Setup was straightforward and simple. It’s not uncomfortable to have one on (certainly more comfortable than walking around with a hunched shoulder), and the sound quality is great. I don’t even have that high-end a model. Mine was about $35, I think.

And on the plus side, now I can go to Star Trek conventions and don’t even need to buy a costume. ๐Ÿ™‚

3 thoughts on “Bluetooth Headsets”

  1. I don’t like bluetooth–I got one a few years back when I lost my wired hands-free thing, and immediately lost the instructions on how to use it. Plus people with bluetooths don’t look like cyborgs to me, they look like those new Cybermen (shudder–that episode of Dr. Who scarred me!).

    I hate having to hold the phone up to my ear or scrunch over with it, too. So I use the headphone-handsfree things. Now that I have a smartphone, I have the kind with two earpieces instead of just one, which is actually more annoying in many ways. They suck as actual headphones, though, so I keep a separate pair of headphones for listening to music (apparently the microphone interferes with sound quality). I don’t care *that* much about sound quality, but I’m deaf enough that I really just can’t hear on the headphone-microphone the way I want to.

    At any rate: Welcome to the Cybermen. Pretty soon when you try to take the headset off, you will also pull out a network of nerves that have wormed into your brain.

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