Book Review: The Hollow City

My friend Dan Wells has a book coming out today. And he was nice enough to give me an advanced copy so I could read it ahead of time. Verdict? Awesome. I wrote up a review for Elitist Book Reviews, in fact. Here’s the start:

Dan Wells has had quite the run. The John Cleaver series–starting with I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER–was a fantastic blend of Horror and Fantasy with a YA tone (although it wasn’t really marketed as YA in the US). His novel PARTIALS has been getting some really strong reviews. So I was pretty excited when I got my hands on an ARC of his latest work, THE HOLLOW CITY.

I’d heard him describe the basics: a story told from the point of view of a paranoid schizophrenic, Michael Shipman. A man who literally can’t tell what’s fantasy and what’s reality. He’s seeing faceless men, and is convinced they’re trying to kill him. But no one else can see them, and he hasn’t been taking his medication in months. To make things worse, there’s been a serial killer at work in the area. Someone’s been killing people and essentially destroying their faces, and Michael is a prime suspect.

Go check out the full review. Good old fashioned schizophrenic main character paranoia fun. And you should totally buy Dan’s book–or ask your local public library to get a copy.

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