And now, a word from my sponsor:

You! You there. Do you Amazon? Studies show, 85.4% of people buy 53% of their stuff on Amazon. And as we all know, Amazon is The Man. That’s right. When you buy your stuff on Amazon, you’re paying money to The Man.

Now, I’m not here to say you shouldn’t pay money to The Man. I buy my stuff on Amazon, too. But if you’re going to pay money to The Man, wouldn’t you feel better about yourself if some of that money went to Bryce, instead?

I know I would. 🙂

That’s where Bryce-azon fits in. See that banner at the top of my blog page? This holiday season, whenever you’re thinking about using Amazon to shop, just come on over here and click that banner. It’ll take you to the same Amazon you know, love, and secretly fear–but this Amazon will be just a tad different. On this Amazon, Bryce will get 4%-6% of whatever you buy. Don’t think of it as a discount for you–because it isn’t. Think of it as a donation to the Buy Bryce Some Boardgames Fund (BBSBF)–a donation that doesn’t cost you one red cent. Or any other color cents, either.

Say you’re spending $100 on some important Jello packets for the holidays. If you go to normal Amazon, $100 of your money goes to them, and you get $100 of Jello packets. But if you click that banner first, $96 goes to Amazon, $4 goes to me, and you STILL get your $100 of Jello packets.

That’s a lot of Jello.

It really is that simple, folks. Click the link, search like normal, buy buy buy.

Ain’t commercialism great?

You may now return to your regularly scheduled Monday reading. Thank you.

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