Dear BYU

The next time you decide to choke, if you could be so kind as to send me an email or something so that I don’t waste my time listening to your lousiness, I’d be much obliged. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. I mean, we had some really near misses, and there were some […]

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Why Is It?

Why is it that electronics all has to come in packaging that’s such a pain to open? I mean, it’s okay if you just get something electronic now and then, but if you’re like me and do this sort of thing professionally, then having to deal with one package turns into having to deal with

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I’m a BYU fan–I’ll admit it. I watch their games fairly religiously, even though I think it’s a waste of time. I especially think it’s a waste of time when they go and lose a game they should have won, and I’ve invested so much of my hope into that lousy game. Stupid cougars. Stupid

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