Why Is It?

Why is it that electronics all has to come in packaging that’s such a pain to open? I mean, it’s okay if you just get something electronic now and then, but if you’re like me and do this sort of thing professionally, then having to deal with one package turns into having to deal with 20 packages. Not my idea of a good time.

How did you all spend your weekends? I mowed my lawn again (after fixing the lawn tractor Friday), and I have to say that having a fixed lawn tractor means all the difference. No more raking up the clippings after I mow. Nice. Saturday was spent watching BYU manage to beat Washington, despite that little mixup with the refs at the end of the game. (Washington fans, I hate to break it to you, but that PAT attempt was totally stuffed. I don’t care if you were 15 yards closer, it wouldn’t have made a difference, so stop getting in such a huff about it. Geez.) The true test will come Saturday when we go up against UCLA. I have high hopes. Then again, I usually have high hopes. BYU is just good at taking those hopes and dashing them to the ground, then pouring gasoline on them and burning them, right before they throw them into a Port-a-Potty. Which is about where my hopes for the Yankees are this year, so hey–at least my hopes will have company.

In other news, I’ve officially started the rewrite process of ParkerBoy. Not sure how long this is going to take me. I took a few weeks off to give myself some distance–and to let all the readers get back to me–and now I’m trying to filter through the comments and figure out what needs doing. It’s not going to be as extensive of a rewrite as I first thought. Most of the problems appear in the first third, and I’ve come up with some good ways to tweak things to get things in proper reading condition. Thanks to all the faithful readers out there!

And now, I think I’ll go see about throwing away 20 packages . . .

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