Weight Check In

I did this glancingly last week, saying COVID had made me gain some weight back, but this week I wanted a real check in: 192.6, which means I’ve lost 1.2 pounds since last week. Honestly, I could have done much better. I keep coming up with reasons for why I shouldn’t have to diet (like, today is my birthday, so why should I diet?), and that shows me my heart really isn’t in it. Which my brain is not happy with at all. Right now I feel perched on this sort of strange point where I’ve been taking time off

Requisite Diet Update

I forgot to post yesterday, thinking I’d last posted on Wednesday of last week. (It should generally be on Wednesdays going forward.) I’ve done a fair job with the diet this past while. It’s easy to tell by how hungry I am, generally speaking. (At least at the beginning, when I’m transitioning away from an unhealthy lifestyle.) I ate too many cookies on Saturday evening, but we had company over, and they brought cookies. What was I supposed to do? Be rude? Refuse their cookies? (And their ice cream, because they brought ice cream. Did I mention that?) No. I

It’s Diet Time (again)

I’m back in Maine at last, and I’m hoping I get to stay here for the next long while. Since I left for Europe at the end of June, I have been in Maine a total of 10 days. A 3 week vacation sounds dandy, and it was. But when it’s followed by 3.5 weeks of tending to your dying parent and then dealing with the funeral, it all is much less than dandy. While I was on vacation, I didn’t really worry about my weight, because who in their right mind worries about weight when they’re on vacation in

Weight Check In: Omicron Edition

It’s been a while since I checked in with my somewhat regular accountability post on my weight. The last time, actually, was the end of my last big push to lose weight. That was back in April of 2021. I’d been just going with a limited menu of foods for about six weeks, and I got down to 177.4. In the intervening months, however, life got very (very) hectic, and my diet completely went out the window. I even stopped weighing myself over Christmas break, which is usually the first step toward complete disaster. So after all those months of

Final Weigh In (for now)

Let’s cut to the chase. I was 177.4 this morning, meaning that I’m down 11.4 pounds since I began six and a half weeks ago. And I’ll be honest: my heart’s just not in this anymore. I know my goal was 175, but I’m low enough now that I don’t feel like continuing, and 6.5 weeks of oatmeal and peanut butter sandwiches has proven to be as many weeks as I want to go. The good news is that I was still going along at a good clip, even at the end here. I mean, I’m down 1.6 pounds for