Weekly Weigh In: Week Six

Another week gone, and another pound lighter. That’s right: 179 as of this morning. Interestingly (to me, at any rate), that 1 pound came all in one day. Last Saturday I dropped from 180 to 179, and I’ve been around 179 since. Weight loss is strange, what can I say? I know I don’t have that much more of this left in me. I’ve already begun looking at ways to game the system so that I can meet my goal and just be done with this earlier rather than later. My father’s going to be here in two weeks, so

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Weekly Check In: April 9

I’m back for my weekly accountability check in with all you lovely people. This last week was far from my favorite. Sticking with the diet even over Easter proved a good way to make one grumpy Bryce. That said, I didn’t cheat at all, even with Peeps popping up everywhere I looked, it seemed. And the good news is that all that diligence paid off. I’ve made it to 180 this morning, which means I’m down another 1.4 pounds from last week, and 8.6 pounds from where I started. Things were still looking grim even as recently as Tuesday, when

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Weekly Weigh In: April Already

It’s another Friday, which is a relief right now, since it means I already know what I’m going to blog about the moment I wake up. (Sometimes coming up with a good topic is more than half the battle.) I’ve continued to stick with my diet completely, with no cheating to speak of. If anything, I’ve tweaked my calories down a bit, hoping to keep the pounds coming off. This morning, I entered a 181.4 pounds. That’s 1 pound less than last Friday, and 7.2 pounds since I started. You’d think that would be cause for great celebration (it is),

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Weekly Weight Check In: March 26

Another week in the books. I’m at the point now in this process (2.5 weeks in), where it all feels very routine, and it’s largely stopped being a pain to do. Last week I had lost 2 pounds over the week. This week, it was down to 1.2. Still, 1.2 pounds down is better than no pounds down (or any pounds up), so that’s definitely something. At this rate, if I kept things up, I’d be at my goal weight by the end of April. Of course, the debate with the diet that’s hardest to solve is always (for me)

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Weekly Weight Check In

Hard to believe it’s Friday again already. This week was pretty static in terms of the whole weight loss goal. Not that I wasn’t following my plan. I did that almost perfectly. The one exception I made was yesterday. For Denisa’s birthday I had a small slice of pie instead of my evening shake. I think that one “cheat” was actually less calories than I usually eat, though. (It’s a big shake.) Other than that, I didn’t eat anything different the whole week. (Same meals every day.) Honestly. it’s hardest when Denisa makes dinner and I’m here to be around

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