Weekly Weigh In: April Already

It’s another Friday, which is a relief right now, since it means I already know what I’m going to blog about the moment I wake up. (Sometimes coming up with a good topic is more than half the battle.) I’ve continued to stick with my diet completely, with no cheating to speak of. If anything, I’ve tweaked my calories down a bit, hoping to keep the pounds coming off.

This morning, I entered a 181.4 pounds. That’s 1 pound less than last Friday, and 7.2 pounds since I started. You’d think that would be cause for great celebration (it is), but at the same time, it’s a bit of a disappointment. Last Saturday (the day after I posted), I stepped on the scale and found I was down to 181.2, which was obviously really encouraging. But that one day of encouragement was offset by the following 6 days of just sort of kicking around the same weight.

Still, I’ve just been doing this for 26 days. Losing as much as I have in that time is super, and I have to just keep reminding myself that. But I would like to switch over to a maintenance plan sooner rather than later, and it can definitely be discouraging to be following all the rules and still not be seeing daily progress. Looking at Friday to Friday weigh ins, it was down 1.2 pounds, 2 pounds, 1.2 pounds, and now 1 pound. That’s pretty consistent, with a huge random swing in the middle for some reason.

Anyway. Nose. Grindstone. I know how this works, even if sometimes I wish there were a fast forward button.


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