Tomas Mission

Tomas Update: Week 17 in Trenčín, Letter

I (Bryce) spoke too soon yesterday. Tomas sent out his letter yesterday afternoon, detailing more on what’s going on right now. Sorry about jumping the gun. Here it is now: Привіт! I don’t know if you could tell by the title but I have some big news… Mid transfers have come and gone and I am yet again here in Trenčín (let’s gooo!!) but of course Prez won’t be making it easy. I am training (!!!) which means I have a missionary straight from the MTC who literally just got here. His name is Elder Theodosis and he speaks about

Tomas Update: Week 17 in Trenčín

This is Bryce here, not Tomas. While he didn’t say outright that he wouldn’t be sending an email this week, I’ll be very surprised if he does. He found out last week that he’d be training a new missionary, and that started on Saturday, so he’s got his hands more than a little full right now. Training a new missionary is already an added load, but this particular instance makes it even more challenging. His new companion was called to the Czech-Slovak Slovak area, just like Tomas. However, he was assigned to teach the Gospel in Ukrainian. This means that

Missionary Parent: One Year In

Today marks the anniversary of Tomas’s first day as a missionary. I’ve been taking some time to think back on how the year has gone. As I imagine most would expect, it went very quickly and very slowly at the same time. We check in with him once a week, and often it feels like there’s been almost no time at all since the last time we talked to him. The first few months he was gone felt very long, but it’s picked up quite a bit since then. Yesterday when we talked to him, I realized that we’re now

Tomas Update: Week 15 in Trenčín

Ahojte všetci! Not much time this week, so just a quick update on things –  – 17 people at church this week (!) – getting fed very well by the members here – the blanket continues to grow – two baptismal interviews in Žilina (!!!) – random Blava pday since our district abandoned us (+ cool city pictures ) Things are well here, just very very busy But we are doing good and our friends are all well, plus things have really started picking up lately. Still anticipating fall here and I love seeing the leaves start to fall. Also

Tomas Update: Week 14 in Trenčín

Ahojte všetci! It’s actually been a pretty crazy week out here, or at least I hope you all agree. Last week also was but this one was too.  Tuesday was a very normal Tuesday. I know I said the week was crazy but I’m getting around to it. I actually don’t really have much to say whatsoever about Tuesday.  Wendesday we managed to get back into contact with someone we were teaching! We had a nice lesson with her and she’s doing well, just life got a little crazy. We also had good ol English class, this time we were