Tomas Update: Week 23 in Trenčín


I will save you all the spiel about it being a crazy week, I think they are just all that now… So in the grand scheme of things pretty normal??

Tuesday we went and moved a bunch of stuff for our friends at the CPR , had a killer poppy seed cake, taught a lesson to two guys from Košice, and I played one of the new Doctor Who decks at magic night (and absolutely slammed everyone, it’s a great precon). 

Wednesday we taught a lesson in Ukrainian and then got to go to the cemetery and visit my grandfather’s grave with my grandmother for the Slovak holiday Všech svätý (all saints). Traditionally everyone goes out and lights candles at the graves of relatives and the whole cemetery is lit up and beautiful. It was so wild that I am here in Slovakia and able to go (I’ve never been here in the fall, we haven’t had the time every year) and of all places I was in Trenčín. Since last year I was at the MTC, this was literally my one shot and I made it to an actual family grave and got to participate fully in the holiday. I’m so thankful that I can be out here and be a part of my own culture!! It was definitely a very special day that I’ll remember and treasure. I never knew my grandfather (Svetozár Križan) so for the time being this is the best I could have done. 

Thursday we were in Žilina for the day, and about a year after I once was there with noftle, we were again together in Žilina. It was a good day and we had some really good conversations with others and with each other, and a nice reminder of how far I’ve come. It’s crazy that I’m about to hit a year in country now that it’s November. I try not to think about it too much. 

Friday’s standout moment was a full Ukrainian lesson without anyone there to help us – we managed!! I don’t know how I understood what I did but we totally did it. Our friend Roman was speaking like 75% Ukrainian, 20% Slovak, and 5% Russian so by all rights I should have had such a hard time (and don’t get me wrong I did, I couldn’t just pick a language and focus) but we did it and it went well!! He also showed us his stereo system. Two Americans, in Slovakia, in a Ukrainian man’s apartment, listening to American music on a japanese cd player and speakers. Who woulda thought?

Saturday we had a ton of lessons as usual, top one was teaching Kevin’s friend from work who is just so ready. He has already been reading since they talk about it at work together and we’ve met him once and he was on alma 6 already. Also we met out nice older friend Peter for the second time as well, he’s a really cool chill find too. 

Then Sunday we actually had someone come to church!! And it wasn’t any of the people we were teaching but instead an older person who used to come pre COVID who we had called and invited. This week we hit literally all of our goals, for the first time ever, and all of them were stretches. I’ve been so tired this week but also so happy, it’s a weird feeling! I’m excited for another week, the area has been blowing up and we are just seeing so many miracles. I’m so happy to see the growth in Trenčín specifically in the branch I’ve spent so long in! It’s been a great week. 

Photos as usual:

Hope you’re well and getting ready to ski!

S láskou,

Starší Cundick 

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