Christmas Shopping Complete

I managed to successfully buy everything I needed this year online. For me, that’s the very definition of a good holiday season. No stepping in to stores. No talking with pushy salespeople. A wealth of customer reviews at my fingertips. Free shipping. Bryce bliss.

Of course, part of me realizes that by doing all of this, I isolate myself from other people, and I contribute to the death of small, independent stores–especially local ones. I feel bad about this. I like going to these small stores from time to time. I like seeing a thriving downtown in a small city. I love the downtown we have here in Maine. But at the same time, I know I can get better deals, with wider selection, online–no driving or walking involved. I try to spend money in the small stores throughout the year, but when it comes to mass shopping . . . I can’t do that.

Maybe that makes me a bad person.

Oh well. Christmas shopping is still taken care of, and I’m still happy about that!

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