Commentary and a Headache and Sundry Matters

First of all, here’s this week’s commentary on Cavern of Babel.  Up to chapter eighteen, believe it or not.

Second of all, I have a headache.

Third of all, with me out of a writing group for now, I NEED READERS.  Yes, this means YOU.  Whoever you are.  Do you want to read one of my books in rough form?  Are you willing to write down when you get bored or confused, or when you laugh or like what’s going on?  Then email me or post a comment.  I have two books right now that I’m in the process of getting ready to send out in an attempt to get published.  The first, Lesana, is in the midst of a second draft right now, and I’ll need readers for it in a couple of weeks or a month.  The second, Ichabod, only got writing grouped about a fourth of the way, so I need brave readers who can deal with real first draft material, and I need them NOW.  Reading either of these–or both–would help me a great deal, but you’d be reading for critiquing, not necessarily enjoyment.  Sound like something for you?  Then please volunteer.  Thanks.

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