Day Trip: Maine State Museum

I took the day off last Friday to spend some time with the fam before TRC’s first spring break was over. (We get two spring breaks out here in Maine, perhaps because we have so much winter?) The initial plan was to go skiing, but we eventually decided to scrap that plan and have just TRC and DKC go skiing in the morning instead, with all of us heading on a road trip in the afternoon. TRC went skiing twice last week, and he’s getting quite good. (So good, in fact, that when watching the Olympic downhill skiing event, he calmly stated that he could go faster than those guys, if he wanted to.)

In any case, we ended up deciding to head off to the Maine State Museum in Augusta. I wasn’t sure how the kids would take it. I mean, a museum? Would they like looking at objects, and not being able to interact with them? They loved it. I think it helped that TRC was so enthusiastic about it–he rushed from exhibit to exhibit, excited to make each new discovery. DC saw how hyped he was, and she loves to do anything he likes to do, so she was pumped, too. It also helped that they were doing special events for spring break. We all got to work on making our own arrow heads through a process called pressure flaking. TRC thought that was highly cool. Other favorite exhibits included anything that made noise or had moving parts (a car horn and a water wheel, for example), some antique guns, stuffed animals and (of course) the gift shop.

Afterward, we walked around through downtown Hallowell a bit, then took the kids to Friendly’s to cap off the day. (TRC adores Monster Sundaes.) All in all, a great deal of fun was had by all, for about $40. (We’ve made sure to build some money into our budget for “Fun Stuff,” and days like last Friday prove how important that is.)

In other news, there’s talk of a storm approaching in the next few days. Seeing as how all my precious precious snow has melted on me, I’m hoping against hope that this storm pays off. I didn’t move to Maine for snow-free winters. Sigh.

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