DC: Off to Preschool

Last night we took the fam over to the preschool open house. That’s right: it’s time for DC to traipse off to preschool. TRC has actually been looking forward to this day for a while, since ever since he left preschool, he’s wanted to go back. He discovered yesterday that the toys he thought were so cool back then . . . are still pretty darn cool now. But as excited as he was, it’s nothing compared to the sheer enthusiasm and rapture DC had when she realized the day was finally at hand.

I just heard back from Denisa today, and the first day went swimmingly well. DC didn’t even look back–she was just ready to go go go. She even called me after she was done, and left a message on my phone. What did she learn? Darned if I know. I had a hard time understanding her on the phone. But for sheer excitement, she can’t be beat.

Hard to believe she’s already going to preschool. Already older than TRC was when we first moved here. I don’t have a ton of time to post today (busy day at work), but I just thought I’d share the enthusiasm. Congrats, DC! Here’s hoping you still like school ten years from now. 🙂

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