DC Turns Seven!

Family-Session-(12-of-29)It’s easy to know how long I’ve lived in Maine. All I have to do is take a look at my oldest daughter. Seven years ago, there was a big snow storm raging outside, but Denisa and I headed into the hospital anyway. Some things don’t hold off for snow, you know. That first winter in Maine wasn’t an easy one. We didn’t have a snowblower yet, we were getting continually hammered with snow, we were new to the state, first time home owners, and the proud parents of a second child. A lot of time has passed since then. This year, we’re once again getting hammered with snow, but the feel is so much different once you’ve handled it for years.

(I took a minute to go look up the post I wrote when she was born. Fun to go back down memory lane, but man were some of my blog entries pretty lame around that time. I’ve come a long way, baby.)

And DC isn’t a newborn. She’s out skiing the slopes with her mom and big brother. It’s been so interesting to be the parent of multiple children. You see firsthand how different people are, even people raised in the same environment and with the same family.

DC loves drawing, music, and (surprisingly enough) helping around the house. She loves jokes and stories, and is already an excellent babysitter as well as an up and coming Minecraft aficionado.

Very sorry to miss out on her actual birthday today. Believe me–I’d much rather be at home celebrating with the fam than to be stuck on an airplane for hours on end. But that’s the way things shake out sometimes. (Plus, she’s having her friend party today. Perhaps it’s better that I’ll be in a different state when a crew of 7 year old girls descend on my house for a dress up party. Word on the street is they’ll be doing their hair, too.

Having a daughter is a very different experience than having a son.

In any case, I just wanted to take a minute to wish her a happy birthday. I’ll have to find something cool to take back to her while I’m out at LTUE.

Happy Birthday, DC!

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