Part two a success. Denisa’s now getting work done on her second crown. Still saving bundles of money, which makes this trip a resounding success, and makes me feel much less guilty for coming on this trip in the first place. Writing’s going very well, too. 4 of 19 chapters revised so far on the book–one while I’ve been here. Not much else to report.

I read about Tiger Woods’ success at the Open, which pleased me–wish I could have watched it myself. But it’s also really kind of nice to be more or less unplugged for a while. I still have my internet, which makes me not feel too isolated, but it’s a pain enough to use that I don’t stay on for hours at a time, so that’s good, too.

Thanks for all the responses to yesterday’s post. Maybe I ought to post pictures more often, huh? I took some more today, but the camera’s upstairs where my son’s sleeping, so sorry–no pictures this evening.

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