Diet Redux: The Reckoning

Well, here we are. On the other side of my Pennsylvania trip and my conferences. And as I said before all this, I was going to check in with you all after I was done and start up on ze diet again. When last we met, I was 191.2. My goal was to still be around 192 when I checked back in with you all.
Where am I as of this morning?
Hey–that’s better than where I was yesterday: 196.4
Of course, I realized it wasn’t going to be good after my PA trip. I didn’t eat very well at all on the trip. Oh–I ate well. Too well. That’s the trouble. Ice cream, pizza, sugary cereals, burgers, fries, s’mores. I ate far too well. So I suppose the takeaway is the obvious one: if you eat too much, you gain weight.
But I’m back on the wagon–more or less. I weighed breakfast and lunch yesterday. I just couldn’t bring myself to weigh dinner. I’m going to try just weighing breakfast and lunch and then being reasonable at dinner and not eating much dessert. If that brings me back to 190 or so naturally, then perhaps I’ll just stay there and stick to that approach. Because dieting is hard, people.
And it makes me grumpy.
But not checking in every week made it very easy to not follow the diet at all. I think this bit of accountability is something I need still. So I’ll keep it up for the next while at least.
And I really need to start exercising regularly again. Now that it’s not so darned hot everyday anymore . . . 

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