Diet Update: Week 11

Hmm. Week 11. It’s been kind of rough lately, to be honest. The last week, I just haven’t been getting much sleep. I keep waking up with nightmares that I’m drowning. I’ll leave it to you Freudians or Jungs out there to interpret that, but it’s made me much grouchier and disgruntled. When I get grouchy, I eat. Add to that a few free dinners, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

Just yesterday, I was up from last week’s weigh-in. And then I ate cake for dessert yesterday evening. I was convinced I’d be up today, too. Somehow, I managed to clock in at 195.4. That means I’m down .4 pounds for the week, which has to be about the worst week I’ve had so far.

Still, the week before that, I was down 2.4 pounds, which means 2.8 for the two weeks. 1.4 on average–which is what I’m shooting for. Yay for averages? But I’ll definitely have to stay focused if I’m going to keep on track this coming week. More free food headed my way. 🙂

Then again, the whole reason I’m doing this diet is to feel better. In the past 11 weeks, I’ve gotten a tad sick once or twice, but on the whole, I’ve felt pretty great, physically speaking. Stressed now and then (or sleep-deprived), but the health thing seems to be working.

I’m getting very tired of not eating whatever the heck I want. Though I suppose I should really just accept that as a lifestyle change and not eat whatever I want all the time. Now and then is fine. What gets me over the longterm is when I consistently eat too much over months.

Bad, Bryce! Bad!

Anyway. Onward and downward!

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