Diet Update: Week 15

This week, I got serious about the diet again. Exercise. Food. The whole shebang. There were a few meals that weren’t strictly budgeted–I didn’t keep track of calories during them–and that didn’t help, but when you have company in town, sometimes that has to come before dieting 100%. But really, it felt like I was “DIETING” again–hungry quite a bit of the time, actively not eating a lot of what I wished I could be eating.

No fun.

Then again, the fact that it felt different probably goes to show just how not well I was following my diet previous to that.

So it wasn’t a fun week, but it *was* a successful one. I clocked in this morning at 191, which gives me 2 pounds lost this week, and 23 pounds overall. That sounds like a lot of weight, even though when I look at myself in the mirror, it still seems like I’ve got a fair bit to go. 13 pounds until my goal weight. We’ll see how that goes.

I did see a picture of myself on Sunday, and I was surprised by how thin I looked. That was a nice touch to my day. I don’t want to be a stick or anything–just healthy. I feel like I’m there already, honestly–but I’ve been this weight before, and it was all too easy to go back to overweight. Hence the onward and downward mentality.

13 pounds left . . .

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  1. Awesome! I’m also trying to lose weight, focusing on reducing my calories. So far I’ve dropped 8 pounds this last month. Family dinners and parties certainly don’t help!

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