Diet Update: Week 5

This diet. It’s no fun. Don’t get me wrong–I’m seeing results and all, but this is five weeks gone now, and that’s fantastic. But then I look at what I have ahead of me. Five more months. Blech. When I’m dieting, it’s easier for me to get grumpy and feel out of sorts, and I don’t like that one bit.

But them’s the breaks.

Five weeks gone. I have yet to get sick since I started dieting and exercising. Of course, each time I type that, I wonder if I’m not jinxing myself, but I’m just calling it like it is. Surprisingly, Denisa and both the kids have gotten fairly sick in those five weeks, so the fact that I didn’t get sick–while not 100% proof of results–is certainly noteworthy. Typically, I’m like the canary in the coal mine. Not this time.

I’m still exercising regularly. Lately I’ve taken to just doing step aerobics on my stairs. Exciting, I know. But I can talk to Denisa while I’m doing it, or I can watch something on my iPad. Not sure if I can read–though I might put that to the test. It certainly gets the blood flowing, although I’m finding it’s harder and harder to get out of breath. I suppose that’s a good thing, right?

But you just care about weight loss. Who cares how I feel. How much did I lose?

I’m down to 204.8 this morning. 1.2 pounds lost since last week, 9.2 pounds lost total. That’s an average of 1.84 pounds a week, which is .44 pounds per week faster than what I’d planned on. No arguments here!

I do *feel* thinner, and I’m certainly used to being hungry now. Blogging about it each week has been surprisingly helpful. It increases the accountability, and for me, that’s motivation enough, it seems. Good thing, because I made a double batch of brownie pudding cake last Wednesday, and I only ate a single bite. When this diet’s over, I’m filling the tub with chocolate pudding and just eating till I can’t eats no more.

Not really.

That would be disgusting.

Anyway–that’s where I am this week. Slow and steady wins the something something.

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