Diet Update: Week 6

Week six? Week six! How did it get to be week six already?

The diet trudges on. I think I’m getting this starvation thing down pretty good now. Most days I only eat about 700 calories before dinner. Then I eat a normal sized dinner, and a dessert, and all is well with the world. 1500 calories a day or so, plus the half hour of exercise.

This week I did get sick, but it was some strange thing where I woke up really dizzy. I used to get that kind of thing back when I lived in Utah. I think I was just too tired this time. I went back to bed, slept for 3 more hours, and felt mostly better by the time I got up. (Actually, I’d only eaten 1100 calories the day before, so I’m thinking that might have had something to do with it, too. Don’t worry–I’m not doing that again. I really don’t want to starve.)

Other than that, I also had Easter dinner. Denisa made it German-style. Red cabbage, pork roast, spaetzle, and gravy, plus jello for the kids and then European-style pudding for dessert. I weighed things like a mad man though, and I kept myself under 1900 calories for the day. Success!

I’m now down to (drumroll, please) 202.4 pounds. That’s 2.2 pounds lost since last week, and 11.6 pounds lost overall! I think the number’s a bit generous. The Scale Gods were with me this morning, and I anticipate going up some when I weigh in tomorrow. Still, I’m very pleased with that progress. My body seems to be playing ball with me, and it’s going good. Getting to under 200 is in my sights. And then . . . only 22 more pounds. Sheesh!

Still, I’ve gone from a BMI of 27.5 to a BMI of 26 this morning. That’s real progress, any way you slice it. 8.4 pounds to go until I’m not overweight anymore, and from there, it’s just trying to get myself more firmly in the “Normal” category, so that it’s harder to fall off the wagon again.

Wish me luck!

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