Diet Update: Week 9

Well, things got a bit tricky now that baby’s here. One of the things my diet depends on to work right is routine. I weigh all my food. I know exactly how many calories are in each gram, and I use that information to figure out how much I can eat.

A new baby means that routine just went out the window.

Still, I’m trying my best. I guesstimate where I can’t know something for certain. I’d like to say that when I’m really unsure, I go on the low side, but if I’m being honest, I’ve been eating a bit more this week than I should have. Stress levels are a bit high–I’m not sleeping well at all–and when I get stressed, I eat. So I could have done better from a food standpoint. (It didn’t help that homemade chocolate chip cookies appeared on the menu this week . . . )

Exercise-wise, I’m actually doing quite well, and it’s probably what’s keeping me in this game at this point. Instead of rowing or stair stepping, I’ve decided to help Denisa by doing yard work. It just didn’t make sense to have me doing pretend work for a half-hour each day, when I could actually be doing something constructive. Right now, Denisa needs a ditch dug around her garden, some of the trees in the yard, and other places around the property. Weed control. So I dig ditches for a half hour each day. It certainly gets the heart rate up.

Now, after all those disclaimers, you probably think I put on weight this week. Nope. I even lost weight. I just feel like I could have done better. I clocked in at 198.2 this morning, meaning I lost 1.2 pounds last week and have lost a total of 15.8 pounds total.

Still, a lot of this weight loss game feels like it comes down to momentum, and I’m not feeling like I have it at this point. So I’m going to bear down and try and keep going. Get better at not eating too much junk food. However, my mom’s coming to visit for a week this week to help with the baby, and that might mean more non-routine meals. Stay tuned to see how I do!

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